Restore Sandbox vault II

I read Restore Sandbox vault? (now closed)

Steps to reproduce

Install Auto Class in sandbox
make experiments
add some images and css
F1-> Open Sandbox vault.

Did you follow the troubleshooting guide? [Y]

Expected result

The sandbox will be completely regenerated

Actual result

Most of the files are restored, but the images I had added and the snipped ones are left. I suspect the original files are restored, but the added ones are not deleted, even the plugins were left.


The sandbox!

Additional information

Another suggestion that I read was to delete the vault and then restore it with the one downloaded from the internet, but that might mean restoring an outdated version.
Or to re-install Obsidian, which seems cumbersome and excessive to me.

I would like when I open the sandbox to be asked if I want to restore it, deleting all the files, even those added, or keep it, and I would also like the option of having multiple sandboxes.
For example I now have been experimenting in sandbox, which I would like to recreate in a new sandbox, to see if I have understood the procedure correctly, without risking losing the first one.

just delete it. It will be recreated.

“Apertura non riuscita: folder not found”
Apart from translating only half a message, I deleted the vault sandbox, but when I tried to reopen the sandbox it appeared that it did not exist, instead of recreating it

Sandbox box resets itself only if you open it from help->open sandbox vault

If you open it from the vault switcher, it doesn’t.