Restore last document position

I would like this feature too. This is such a killjoy when dealing with multiple open notes.

At present, I have found a temporary solution to this problem.

You need to use the Switch++ and Sliding Panes plugins, which work together.

Of course, there are still a problems.

Due to the function of sliding panel, the left and right split screen function can’t be used.

These two functions are very important to me, it’s really hard to choose.

Use case or problem

Most great editors remember the cursor location when closing file, and restore it when re-opening it. This helps mental continuity in note taking.

Proposed solution

Save and restore cursor location. Possibly, make this toggle-able in settings for users who don’t want it.

Related feature requests (optional)

Option to go to end of file upon opening is related, but cursor-restore is even better.

Related thread.

BTW, Obsidian is insanely awesome for many reasons. Thank you for making it!


+1, without this function it is very difficult to work with more than one page on the screen

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+1 also. Things like this are frustrating from a UX standpoint.

Persistent Undo
Restore cursor position

What is a bit strange is that sometimes it does remember the cursor position. Though occasionally, if I have my cursor on one line, it can jump up one line. But in general, if I jumped back and forth between 2 or 3 notes, it would remember the position.

But if I click on a sidebar link, then the cursor position seems to be lost on the note I was previously on. And then if I jump back 2 or 3 notes, those notes still remember their position!

(btw, I merged these threads. If you are already aware of a related thread, please reply to that existing one instead of making a duplicate.)

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Thanks for merging. I searched but hadn’t found this thread until today.

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maybe there is some kind of plugin? somebody knows?

Another look at it:

Obsidian shouldn’t close the note when you navigate to another…
Such behaviour should be associated with clicking the X

This closing results in the cursor position being reset, it’s counter-intuitive.

for this you need to do something like tabs like in notepad ++
in any case, I hope that saving the position will be the same as in notepad ++

I think the topic of tabs is irrelevant to this issue.

Many people find tabs redundant as long as you have another way to navigate to recent files.

Tabs suggest there is the following use case:

  • As a user I want to always know which files are opened.

However, most common use case for tabs is this:

  • As a user I want to quickly navigate to a file/window that I recently viewed/edited.

We already have this functionality in cmd+o so I personally see no point.

However, keeping the file open == holding info about the cursor, hence I mentioned it.

apparently I did not quite understand correctly, sorry

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+1 for remembering cursor!

Funny enough I had the same frustration yesterday and put together a simple “ambient” plugin that keeps track of my cursor in each note and places it back where I left off. It works even after closing the note or quitting Obsidian!

I built this just for myself but if you want to try it out, here’s the repo:

Edit: I should add, this is so new that I haven’t stress-tested this yet. So this is really not production-ready!


Appreciate you build this plugin.

But why didn’t work on my side ? What was I missed ?


  1. put a cursor in one line.
  2. close page by mouse.
  3. re-open it. check the position .

Thank you .

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Greetings @Steve_yang! Thank you for asking, that’s a great question. I love that you documented the steps because that explains why it’s not working:

For now the plugin only records your position when you use your keyboard but not your mouse. (That’s mostly because I personally don’t use a mouse.)

Please check if your cursor-position is retained when using your keyboard to either write or navigate.


PS: I have this on my radar though and will look into converting a mouse-click into a cursor position as an upcoming feature.


I went ahead and added mouse-click support in release 0.0.4

Reporting issues

Moving forward, please file your issues on Github


strange that when using the back and forward buttons, the position of the pages is remembered

Thanks a lot for making this plugin. I really hope this becomes a standard feature. At least the option to have the cursor at the end position of the document would be very helpful. I guess it’s safe to assume that the most common scenario when opening a file is to continue writing at the end but not at the start of the text.

Awesome plugin, @akaalias, thank you.

This should be core functionality though, I hope it’ll be implemented soon…

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Hi. Check this plugin: Remember cursor position