Restore from backup

Hello, I’m just trying to make sure that everything would work if I restore my main zettlekasten vault from a copy I manually made. Don’t know what happened but iCloud had some issues (basically it hungs pretending it is syncing something but when I go inside the folder nothing is syncing) so I decided to make a whole copy of the vault and I’d like to “rebuild” the whole vault. I’m pretty scared I could loose something (notes or links between notes, metadata) so I’d like to be sure that if I open the backup vault everything would work, within my notes and nothing gets lost. Is it the correct way to restore from a backup? I mean: everything that makes work the vault is inside the folder (both notes, links from a note to another and preferences etc.)?
Sorry for the silly question…and thanks

All your notes are just simple text files - so are your links: special text fields that are interpreted as a link by the app. Your vault is actually just a simple folder where your text files live, plus it contains a hidden .obsidian folder that contains all your plugins, settings, etc.

To sum up: if you copy your complete vault (means: the folder where your md files live) and open it as a new vault from within obsidian, everything - including appearance, settings, installed plugins - will be exactly the same as before. :+1:


Thanks! I was pretty sure but couldn’t find any clear info about that! :slightly_smiling_face:

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