Restaure default vault

I’ve lost my default vault, and there turns up only the sandbox. No other files is lost.

Things I have tried: I’ve installed again obsidian, but to no point. Thanks for any help

Hi there, I’ll try to help.

There is no “default” vault, except the Sandbox. There are only vaults that you create. If you were storing notes in the Sandbox vault, they would get erased when the Sandbox vault resets itself.

If you made your own vault: On your computer, do you know where you stored your vault? If you navigate there in your file explorer, are the files still there?

If the files are still there, you just have to open them again in Obsidian. “Open folder as vault”, and browse to that folder.

If the files are gone, let’s try to find out why. Were you storing the vault in a cloud app, like Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, or anything like that?

What is your operating system?


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