Resolved: issues with Brave browser on Android viewing Obsidian Publish sites

Things I have tried

Does anyone else use the browser Brave on their Android device to browse the internet? I’m finding that Brave on Android becomes totally unresponsive after loading an Obsidian Publish site. Initial load looks fine, but then nothing is interactive: no scrolling on the page, no ability to click links. Reloading occasionally fixes it but more likely freezes about 10% of the way through the operation, essentially crashing the tab so that I have to close it.
These sites, including the main Obsidian help vault’s published version, all work just fine in a different browser on a different device.

What I’m trying to do

Has anyone else experienced this, or have any ideas? I suspect the issue is with either my settings (most likely) or the Brave browser, not Obsidian Publish, but I figured the folks here would have been browsing lots of Publish sites and might have suggestions! Thanks!

I use Brave on Desktop exclusively, and mobile occasionally. I’ve never seen any issues with publish sites on any device using Brave.
I just browsed a few to make sure, and they all seemed to work fine. :man_shrugging:

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Hurrah! Thanks so much for checking. Would you mind checking what your default “Shields” settings are on mobile? I’m thinking that’s a place to start in my hunt for the problematic setting on my device.
Greatly appreciate your help!

100% default settings - “Ads and creepy things blocked”
I never took the time to fine tune mobile the way I do on desktop.

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