Resolution automatically gets lower and only get back after a reinstall

does any one know how to change the software resolution. after each install it is good till somehow it changes to a lower one. i think it get an issue with computer resources, for example this last time i was trying to open a second vault that this happened, but not sure why.
this make a huge difference like all the font sizes gets double it is intended size

Hi Archie, you need to provide more information than that, please.

Especially, what OS are you using?
What version of Obsidian?
Are you using a custom CSS theme?
What does it look like? Can you provide screenshots of before and after. Is it just the text getting bigger? Or is it getting blurry or something?
What can you tell us about your monitor or display resolution?

There is a zoom function which makes the text bigger. Under the menu, you’ll see View → Actual Size, Zoom In, and Zoom Out. Maybe you zoomed the view?

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Hi, thanks for your help

I am on windows7, on latest obsidian i think 0.12.14 and i am using minimal them. and my resolution for windows is set at 1600*900. can you explain more about the zoom setting? change of the resolution should look like zooming, isn’t it basically the same thing?
I can’t provide any screenshot before that happened but it is for after that

  • Also what community plugins do you have installed, if any? Perhaps one is modifying your settings in some way.

  • In your screenshot, is it all text that has doubled in size? Or just the orange heading text?

change of the resolution should look like zooming, isn’t it basically the same thing?

Not really, no. Zooming makes the elements bigger. Resolution is related to how many pixels are rendered on your monitor in a given space. If the “resolution” was changing, you’d likely be seeing blurriness or pixels.

I think you just have some glitch with your CSS or theme or something. This is not related to your computer resources.

Rather than reinstalling Obsidian over and over, you may need to delete the .obsidian folder in your vault(s). This is where your Vault settings are stored. If you do this, save a full backup of your entire vault somewhere safe, first.

If you reinstall Obsidian, that .obsidian folder will still be there, and any glitchy settings will still be there.

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the list is very long , it is 30+ plugins i am using, i wish there was a plugin to just list them like the one is available on google chrome

the size of orange heading is fine because the font is supposed to be bigger, the whole thing got bigger.for example there used to be much more free space in the side pane. the size of the shortcut icons on the left was much smaller and their where more compacted and near the top. Definitely everything got bigger

well that is only if it gets low enough. definitely there has been lose of quality, but it is not so bad that it gets obvious by getting blurriness

great idea thank you. i am going to lose all the settings related to core obsidian too i suppose, right? so i delete i should write them down and implement them manually all again if i am going to start with a new setting? am I right?

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