Resize tab group hotkey

What I’m trying to do

I would like to me able to resize tab groups with a hotkey.
Something similar to what you get in tmux.
Although in tmux they are called panes and are not really the same concept.
I can manually drag the tab group to resize it, but I want t setup a hotkey for this and there are no commands.

You can get equivalent functionality using workspaces. Workspaces: Load workspace layout or QuickSwitcher++: Open in Workspaces Mode. I recommend cmd/ctrl + shift + w for this. Use numbering 1-4 in your layout names. Press cmd+shift+w, type number and enter to resize your tab group. I think Workspaces Plus gives you ability to run command to toggle specific workspace but I don’t recommend this since you should use left-side keys to run other more useful commands.

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