Resize image within a table

Not very sure if I should post it here or as a feature request.

Steps to reproduce

Generally speaking, there are many ways to resize an image in markdown, such as ![](your_image.jpg|400).
Such as what is shown in those posts: Resize image - #3 by anita and Resize embedded content.

Those methods mentioned in those topics work fine if you want to show an image standalone. But if you want to do that inside a table: The sign β€œ|” will be taken as the symbol to break between columns. So anything with β€œ|” will not work.

Expected result

I mean, thinking of the logic behind that. It makes sense.
Maybe when phrasing markdown code, β€œ[” and β€œ]”, or β€œ(” and β€œ)” should have a higher priority than β€œ|”?

Actual result


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you want to β€œescape” the | with a \ inside a table.
Either one should work:

![alt text](your_image.jpg\|400)
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Thanks. The second one works. The first one gives me
"your_image.jpg|400" is not created yet. Click to create.

version v0.13.19

The First one is not the syntax in the docs

sorry, it should be

![alt text\|400](your_image.jpg)

but the live preview seems to work better with the other version