Resize image doesn't work in MD links

Obisdian v 0.9.4

this syntax ![AltText|100x100](image.png) doesn’t work…

this ![[image.png|100x100]] does!


Well MD links weren’t supposed to be used like that.
This is a feature request not a bug, and I am not sure we should do it.

but this ![AltText|100x100](image.png) is from the Obsidian Release v0.9.4 changelog!

Actually good catch! I’ve only tested markdown links with external links - apparently it doesn’t work for internal.

Will be fixed in 0.9.6.

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i confirm the fix works thank youuuu

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Obsidian v012.11
Any idea why this does not resize the image

![[…/image.png| 100]]

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Did you figure out why resizing images didn’t work? I had the same problem. It turned out that the theme I was using, Ono Sendai, forced the embedded images to be a certain size.

Change your theme to a basic one such as Minimal and see if the problem persists.