Resize embedded content

Is there any progress on this?

this is implemented. read the docs.

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How about posting a link to the relevant part of the doc? Your post would be so much more useful, then.

For embeds, use ![[image.png|100x100]]


That doesn’t seem to work with embedded PDFs, if I’m seeing this right? Or with embedded notes. I have small-ish notes for example that I would love to embed without a scrollbar, but they are slightly too long.


Ya, as best I can tell, the ![[file.pdf|SIZE]] syntax embeds the PDF, but the SIZE portion doesn’t do anything.

I’ve got a single-page PDF embedded in one of my notes, and it is displaying at 304px x 800x, where most of that 800x is empty vertical space, about 3 or 4 times taller than it needs to be. Plus, at only 304px wide, the preview is too small to be useful – nothing in the image is legible.

I suspect that the sizing might be decided by whatever internal process is producing the source of the embedded iframe, something showing up as blob:app://

Request: Allow for PDF previews to be sized, much as images are currently sizable.

Note: If I use the Inspector view to munge the CSS for the iframe element, I can make that bigger or smaller – but the PDF preview remains the same size. This is not useful behavior.


I’m going to give this post another +1 as I’m still hoping for some time of visual scaling tool (perhaps in the WYSIWYM editor) and alignment/justification.


Does someone know if those feature are planned ?