Resetting sync password

I had to reinstall Obsidian and can’t remember my Sync password. (My main Obsidian password not accepted.) The form doesn’t offer a “reset password” option, just “don’t have an account? Sign up now.” Suggestions?

Can you please show a screenshot of where you are trying to enter this information, or where you’re seeing this “don’t have an account” message, just so it’s clear? (Hide any sensitive info if you need to.)

Or at least mention which settings page you’re looking at.

  1. Are you talking about entering your account credentials in the Settings → Account section?

  2. Or if you are talking about the password you set for encryption on your remote vault, that can’t be reset. (But it sounds like this is not what you are talking about.)

And is there a chance you used more than one email when signing up? Maybe you logged in to the wrong account? (Forum and Obsidian are separate accounts.)

Otherwise, if you think you have an error with your account, you can reach out to [email protected]

If you go to the main website, and click “Account” in the top-right corner, there is a “Forgot your password?” link. You can reset your password from there.

(And again remember, your forum account and Obsidian account are separate. On the website, it will be your Obsidian account.)

So Sync login is same as overall account, eh? Thanks!

Yes I believe so. Sync is a feature that is added to your Obsidian account. When you bought it, you were (I guess?) logged in to your account on the Obsidian website.

Once you get logged in, you should see Sync become available again.

Yep, all good. Thanks again.

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