Require Password to open Vaults in Obsidian Vault Switcher

Use case or problem

When personal information is stored in Obsidian, a layer of security is required. So I just want my vaults to be locked behind a password when accessing them from Obsidian Vault Switcher.

Proposed solution

Simply add a small textbox to enter the password when trying to open the vault.

Related feature requests (optional to implement)

Also add the same password for opening the vault’s folder in Windows and other Operating Systems. I only need the vault explorer to have a password even if my files are open, because I don’t want other people to click on the Obsidian icon on my Desktop and instantly see all my notes. But if you can add encryption to the actual folder itself, that’s even better.

Obsidian vaults are just a folder on your hard drive somewhere. Using the Finder (mac) or File Explorer (Windows), you can open files in the vault easily with any text editor.

I don’t think Obsidian can or needs to handle this.

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Please search before posting new feature requests. You can find an existing one along with suggested workarounds here:

Yes, I am well aware of that. However, many people will not think to go looking through one particular folder somewhere on a PC with multiple disks. But they might try clicking on the Obsidian icon on my desktop and be presented with every single one of my personal notes :sweat:. This feature is needed to prevent that from happening.

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

The link you shared doesn’t exist.

Strange. Actually it does exist, but it was deleted. Looking into it.

If you are going for security through obscurity, you could remove the shortcut from your desktop, start menu, and Task Bar. :wink:

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Ok it has been restored now. Sorry for the confusion. That thread should have some discussion and ideas.

@WhiteNoise please put this post back into ‘Feature Requests’, where you moved it from without any comment.

I want the Obsidian Devs to consider making this feature.

That is not a solution.

Did you look at the plugins which do exactly what you’re asking for?

there is already a feature request, and I linked to it. This will not be moved back.

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