Requesting double exclamation mark highlighting support

Use case or problem

I want a specific word or expression in a paragraph to pop out and stand out even more than being bolded and/or italicized, !!like so!!, which would make “like so” appear in a bright color or some other distinctive way on many common Markdown renderers, including GitHub and some blogging platforms that support this syntax.

Proposed solution

Simply support the use of the double exclamation mark syntax, and make the double-exclamation marked words or phrases appear highlighted or in some other elegant but obvious way of which you approve.

Current workaround (optional)

Backticking may work for some people, but it could be lead to confusion with actual code, so I wouldn’t really use it. Bolding and italicizing seems to be the current best alternative, but I’m looking for something that makes keywords stand out even more.

Have you tried ==highlighting==?


You can use the Wrap With Shortcuts plugin to apply inline CSS to selected text to add colors, underlining. etc. For obvious reasons, it works better if you use Live Preview rather than Source Mode.

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Thank you!

This definitely works. I still hope the double exclamation mark formatting can be supported, akin to how italicizing can work, whether by the underscore or asterisk. This will help those familiar with other Markdown renderers hit the ground running with Obsidian.

Thank you for this tip! It could work with other needs and increase a user’s options.

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