Request to create a theme together

Hi All. I really like obsidian with its concept and functionality, but unfortunately the appearance does not reach the status of what the software itself is.
I have no knowledge of CSS . But I can make graphics and UI ideas. I hope to find like-minded people who would be interested in my topic and help implement it using css.
I am attaching some screenshots and descriptions of some UI solutions.

  1. Raise the icons new Note, New Folder, Change sort order in a row with the icons file explorer,Search,Starred. And to make other icons added by plugins also stand in this row.

  2. Move the Go back and Go forward icons in a row with the Read/Edit, Close, More options icons.

  3. Add icons to the lower left corner. 1- the hide/show right sidebar 2-the hide/show left sidebars. For the left sidebar, the button is toggle 4times.
    A- Hide App ribbon.
    B- Hide File Explorer panel.
    C- Hide both App ribbon and File Explorer.
    D- Show both App ribbon и File Explorer.

  4. Move the name and version of the program to the lower right corner.

  5. All windows, text and icons are aligned horizontally and vertically at the same distances to look solid.

  6. In the right sidebar, instead of the appearance of icons, the second line. Make the submenu drop down to the side. the active section has a highlight on which submenu icons appear. the active toggle element is highlighted in color. the preview shows how this is implemented.

  7. Add icons for notes and folders in file explorer

  8. This item is optional. But very useful. when adding new files and folders. you have to create them first and then move them to the desired folder. I suggest reducing the number of actions and reducing the number of buttons in the top menu at the same time.
    add the “New Note” and “New Folder” buttons when hovering over folders in file explorer, and on Vault Title to add folders to the root section. And the “New Note” and “New Folder” buttons in the menu at the top hide altogether.

  9. Add theme settings plugin:
    to quickly change the main colors of the theme
    there are only 5 of them.
    A- is the color of all panels.
    B- is the color of the document window, and highlight background.
    C- is the color of inactive elements.
    D- is the color of the active elements.
    E- font color of the document text.

Changing the main fonts:
A- is the font for the menu.
B- is the font size for the menu.
C- is a font for notes.
D- is the font size for for notes.
E- is the font size for headings (it is possible for several sizes).

Any help will be useful:

  • The code for some of the questions.
    -A link to something that might help.
    -Maybe there is already a plugin that solves one of the issues.

If you have not done so already check out the Themes in Settings > Appearance > Themes > Manage, some already do parts.

1. Bad UX in my eyes as some parts are static and some are based on the currently selected pane, and AFAIK not possible
2. The current position is close to where you would expect these to be in a browser and pretty much every other software, this would be bad UX I feel like, and AFAIK not possible.
6. This would be problematic once there a many plugins in that sidebar, or a plugin provides many options(just take a look at how many options the Graph Analysis plugin provides)
7. There are multiple solutions to this:

  • This snippet for folders
  • The Icon Folder community plugin.
  • The Supercharged Links community plugins for note icons based on frontmatter text
  1. you can right click a folder to create the note in, or go to Settings > Files & Links > Folder to create new notes in for configuration
  2. The Style Settings community plugin allows for authors of themes to expose these settings.

Thank you for your opinion. Perhaps you are right, and I will not find like-minded people.

Of course, the first thing I checked was themes.

  1. I agree that it is logically correct when there are buttons at the top of me and a submenu drops out below.
    But I still hold the opinion that icons in 2 lines do not look the best solution visually. You can figure out how to separate them if it is necessary for the majority, but still implement them in one row.

  2. I have a different opinion on this issue. this is implemented a lot where. for example, in “sublime text” . or, for example, the CMenu plugin button for Obsidian.

  3. here you are right, may be need to find another solution for the visual display of the submenu so that it is universal.

thank you for your links and recommendations.