Request: Obisidian plugin for novelists

I’m novelist wannabe.

I’m looking for a plugin which will enable to do these:

Creating a timeline of various events

  • Turning points, important moments, specific and obscure periods (hereinafter called as “events”)
  • Events are gathered from the whole vault
  • Allows to show/hide the events with specific tag(s). Event could have multiple tags.
  • You could add not only notes (+specific sentence(s) or paragraph(s) as description of event) but also headers (+sentence(s) or paragraph(s)) to the timeline. So one note could have multiple different events with different place in timeline. Tags are also managed separately.
  • You could set a color to represent a tag
  • I’m happy if it allows to create fictional calendars and eras

Shows and enables to create a note about relations between notes and events.

  • Supports both one- and two-way relations
  • Obsidian already shows the fact that there’s a relation between notes, but this allows to determine HOW they are related
  • Allows to choose note(s) and show/hide relations by tag(s) of target.

I believe these plugins are helpful for everyone who wants to manage not only raw information but also the order and relations of them.
I’m not a native English speaker so I’d like if it lets users to customize the format somehow.
Sorry if there’s already a plugin for this.


Some people are using Fantasy Calendar for novel timelines (and you can create your own calendaring system, it doesn’t have to be earth-based):

It probably doesn’t do everything on your list. I would be tempted just to create a Timeline note and then links out to event notes. If there is particular set of data data that you need to track for each event, then using variables and Dataview would be the way to go.


Oh. This plugin looks good enough.
Huge thanks for information.

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