[Request] Forward Linking Pane

I mentioned this on discord, but it would be amazing if, in addition to the dangling links tab and the backlinks tab there were a “potential forward links” tab, to save me the effort of manually remembering which files I have under which names and re-reading a long document that I’m potentially pasting in from elsewhere, i.e. if I’ve written a bunch of notes on mobile and am copying them over manually because I don’t have a markdown editor on my phone and gitjournal isn’t working for me, or I’ve just forgotten about a page, or whatever.

LegendKeeper does something similar with the automagic creation of forward-links, but their implementation is pretty clunky and doesn’t account well for pieces of words and doesn’t have the granularity or decision-making of Obsidian.

This would be amazing and should function basically the same as the backlinks thing, just, you know, identifying which words match the alias of a page.