[request for help] PARA Method and >1K tasks

I have been using Obsidian for over two years, but I am facing problems with tasks. I use the Tasks plugin, but when I have more than a thousand tasks spread across ten thousand notes, I feel lost.

How can I improve task management in Obsidian? Perhaps other users have best practices or similar cases. Currently, I am using the following methods:

  • Tags
  • Filtering by paths
  • Prioritization

Previously, I used Notion with tables for tasks, which worked perfectly. However, when I tried to replicate it in Obsidian, I had to create separate notes for each task, which was not helpful. As an alternative, I am considering using Obsidian for knowledge management and Logseq for tasks.

Thanks for the quality post! It’s brilliant. Could you please share the structure for your vault on GitHub, along with some example notes? This will help me understand your philosophy better, and then I can ask a few more questions.

Thanks, I talked about sharing only the Obsidian vault folder structure, along with plugin configurations. However, there should not be any personal notes or data included, only example notes in a folder, such as templates or lorem ipsum notes, for context like this by @Edmund:

It looks great. I have several questions about the plugin and templates. Would it be better if you only share the vault structure? If you can’t, I will write down my questions.

@Siiraa, okay. If you can share an example of an empty vault, I have several questions:

  • On your screen, what are the icons in the sidebar? Are they plugins?
  • Do you add each task as a separate note?
  • Is this the template for a task? https://share.cleanshot.com/R3l1PDYk

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