[request for help] custom-js how add own script?

I added the folder with custom.js, but the plugin did not detect it.

You can find the file structure of a .js file by referring to its format.

How should I correctly add the .js file?

The problem is that you are not stating the folder relatively to the vault’s root:


The path should correctly read JS.

Thanks, but still not working.
I using this documentation

This is now my config

1 - I set this path
2 - this is my script from documentation

3 - I want register new invocable script

4 - Not found

I restart obsidian.

Please share your script if you don’t mind. I assume that something is not correctly defined there.

@stef.rausch bellow:
https://dsh.re/f73751 (it is from documentation page)

You need to define an async invoke method in the class, see GitHub - saml-dev/obsidian-custom-js: An Obsidian plugin to allow users to reuse code blocks across all devices and OSes.