Request for assistance with linking sentences in a single note

I am using a single note for summarising lectures.
The summary contains multiple lectures and I want to be able to press a sentence in one lecture, and having the program send my cursor to a specific different sentence from a different lecture on the same note.

For example:
Source marked with double $.
Destination marked with double $$.

Lecture 1:
Blah blah definition of $Classic Conditioning$:
Classic conditioning is…

Lecture 4:
Brain area blah blah
$$Classic Conditioning$$ plays an important role in this area aswell.

Is there such an option already existing?
Tried looking it up but couldn’t find anything.

Thank you!

Currently, your choice are to link to headings or link to blocks.

None of them are great. The first breaks if you change the heading text (which I wordsmith all the time). The second is more stable (though still fragile – I think it might break if you rename the file?? not sure), but the problem is the definition of a “block” makes it difficult to express more than a paragraph. You can hack in capacity to reference multi-paragraph blocks by making everything a list item or a task item .

- [ ] Classic conditioning blah ^123linkid
    - [ ] blah blah blah blah
      blah blah blah

      blah blah blah

This still is fragile as I said, and definitely adds some ugly syntactical visual noise. But it does allow you to reference arbitrary complex blocks.


Thanks but that’s not really what I’m looking for.
I want the screen to go up the file or down the file to where the destination is, being able to remind myself of related concepts from previous chapters.

You’ve only got those four kind of links:

  • note links
  • header links
  • block links
  • task links, through task queries

And then I’m not counting indirect links through searches.

So if neither of those meet your criteria, you’re fresh out of luck until someone makes a plugin or extension to markdown. And I don’t that’s likely to happen anytime soonish.

Based on your use case I’d look into block links, as they’ll be able to send you to the correct block/paragraph.

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