[Request] Creating timelines with markdown

Every now and then when I am trying to note down the progress of some tasks I find myself wanting to render some sort of timeline with notes, similar to this by CaWaL or Mdline.

  • Would these or similar libraries be easy to implement in Obsidian?
  • Does anyone else use alternative approaches?

I do know that mermaid has support for Gantt diagrams, but I am looking for something more simple, specially with the options to be top-down instead of left-right.


Hey, I have almost same Idea
I have started developing the plugin for this.

Actually, I don’t structure all my thoughts about it.
I think it will something like this

So, the idea is to make the page where all MD files (with some special notation) will shown in the timeline

What do think?

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That is a pretty good idea!
Granted, it is not what I had in mind, but I believe it would be more useful.

This kind of timeline would be really useful for literature reviews, to get an overview of the history of a subject (see at a glance when papers where published).

I don’t need more than the CaWaL example.

Is someone working on it?

Update: This plugin is exactly what I needed: GitHub - George-debug/obsidian-timeline: Obisdian.md plugin for creating timelines

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