Request: Allow for Symlinks within Vault as a User Option

Actually, Symlinks aren’t fully supported. There appear to be restrictions about symlinks pointing elsewhere in the same vault.

I understand this can lead to circular situations, but I want to make a case for it:

I’m trying to organize a vault that’s shared via OneDrive to SharePoint. The problem is that if I do a link like then within SharePoint, this thing becomes something like /Forms/Images/image.png - which of course does not exist. Mind you, synchronizing that Vault with another machine works fine on that machine. The only thing that really breaks is previewing markdown files within the sharepoint web frontend itself.

Which is annoying as we want to share our vault on SharePoint so that we can manage the content via Obsidian, but have other people look at it in SharePoint (e.g., from our project management software, we can put hyperlinks to attached notes that are managed in sharepoint).

Now, what I’ve noticed after some trial and error is that if I prefix the Obsidian Link with “…/” (two dots and a slash, so to go one level up), it suddenly points to the root of my sharepoint site, so e.g., becomes /Shared%20Documents/Images/image.png. So there’s just like a one folder level difference if I ultimately compensate for the folder structure.

I’ve like


which translates in SharePoint to

<sharepoint root>/Shared%20Documents/04%20-%20Data/Documentation/Data%20Calculation/Images/test.png

and previews just fine in SharePoint.

But of course, I don’t see now the image in Obsidian.

This is where symlinks come in. I can compensate for the difference in folder hierarchy by a symlink.

Once I’ve done that, I can e.g. see just fine the image if I use some other MarkDown editor.

Just not in Obsidian. Whatever I try I just cannot make that symlink visible in Obsidian; other Symlinks outside Obsidian Vault work well, but of course, creating a symlink out via another symlink also doesn’t work.

It sounds awfully complicated for such a simple thing.

So that’s why my request: could we possibly have this “no symlink if inside the vault” feature be disabled as a user option?


You need to mark your code examples as code `like this` because the forum uses Markdown, too, and is interpreting them.