Replicating Gwern's Setup in Obsidian

Gwern has one of the most interesting websites in terms of formatting, structuring and persistence (besides content).

Gwern describes his approach to the site here.

In particular, note that if we add ‘.page’ to a page, it serves you its markdown (example:

Each note/page has a header with meta-data fields such as title, tags, confidence, importance, etc.

Is it possible to have this setup on obsidian, with a header for meta-data?
Could we then preview it in a similar fashion to gwern’s?

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I’m also a fan of Gwern’s website!

You can insert metadata using the same syntax that Gwern uses at the top of the Markdown file, and starting from v0.8.5, you can hide it in the preview pane (Settings -> Editor -> Show frontmatter).

You can’t do anything useful with it yet.

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