Replicate alfred workflow of adding timestamp journal entries to daily note on mobile using shortcut

What I’m trying to do

Hi folks - does anyone know how i could add some form of shortcut on mobile obsidian (android) that enables me to add to the bottom of my daily note, with the format of timestamp (as a #### header), the text, and a divider line underneath, as used in the markdown in the photo from the alfred app. I want to replicate the obsidian utilities alfred workflow function where i just type ‘dj’ into alfred and it lets me add journal entries to the bottom of my daily note which is find really useful. Attached is a screenshot of the code that is used in the config part , and Im hoping i could use some obsidian community plugin and enter some similar code into it, and trigger that with a shortcut, but haven’t worked out how to. Thanks :slight_smile:

Updating with solution - found via some great discord user help - using quick add plugin similar to the example - Capture: Add journal entry | QuickAdd (and commander to add a button). And on android also on thread using automate/tasker/uri plugin, or using this guide from @Theo as an ideal starting point using macdroid - Quick way to add or append notes without opening Obsidian (Android tutorial)

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