Replaceable Placeholder Text

I’m not sure if this is a thing already. I couldn’t find anything like it. But is there a way to have easily replaceable placeholder text? I’ve been using Obsidian to world build for DnD and have a few templates I am working on. Is there a way I can click on a word have have a list of options to change it to?

Example: “NPC is [race], [class], [age]”
this would be in the template
I make a new NPC and click on “race” and it gives me a list of options, I select one and it replaces [race] with the word I selected.

I hope that makes sense

If you don’t mind each item being a link:

Make a note for each attribute. In each of those notes, add an alias for each of its options. So in the note for Class you might have alias: Fighter, Mage, Thief. For the placeholder you’d link to Class. When you want to replace it with an option, add a bar to the end of the link ([[Class|]]) and a list of the aliases will appear. Choose one and you get (for example) [[Class|Mage]] which displays in Live Preview and Reading Mode as Mage.

Or instead of aliases you could use headings, and link to the heading (add # to the end of the link and you get a list of headings to choose from). This could be useful if you have content there. In a future public release of Obsidian (currently in Insider), links to headings will automatically complete as [[Class#Mage|Mage]] (which displays as Mage) instead of [[Class#Mage]].


This seems very useful!

Thanks for the idea!