Replace Text Using Templater

I want to convert [[Abc dEf 123]] to [Abc dEf 123](post/abc-def-123). I have written a Javascript code for it. I am wondering if the same could e done with the templater plugin.

Can this be done using templater ?

I have written a javascript code. You can run it directly here.:point_down:t3:



function convertInput(input) {
  // Extract the text between the brackets
  const text = input.replace(/\[\[(.*?)\]\]/, '$1');

  // Remove any whitespace and replace spaces with hyphens
  const slug = text.replace(/\s/g, '-').toLowerCase();

  // Create the desired output format
  const output = `[${text}](/post/${slug})`;

  return output;

// Prompt the user to enter the input
const userInput = prompt("Enter the input in the format [[ABC 123]]:");

// Call the function with user input
const result = convertInput(userInput);


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