Replace header hashes (#) with H[1-6] for Inactive Lines

Inspired by Typora, Bear, and other WYSIWYG software

When the header line is not active, Hashes (#) are replaced with H[1-6]
When the header line is active, Hashes are shown and H[1-6] are hidden

Note: This differs from other existing CSS hacks in that the H[1-6] are NOT displayed in the gutter. So you can still use this when you turn off the display of line numbers.

2020-12-10: Now compatible with the Minimal Theme

via Github


That’s great. Getting us closer to a blended edit/preview

For anyone not aware, in the appearance section of the preferences there’s a snippets option. Drops your custom.css into the snippets folder in .obsidian and then enable it. Pretty slick way to override the theme you’re using