Replace .canvas file extension on links with an icon

Right now canvas make thenselves explicit in filenames and links by showing its file extension (.canvas).

My only issue with it is in links length (and to a lesser extent readability)- making all links longer, and forcibly breaking any ‘natural names’ (titles that when linked naturally fit inline, mid sentences, as if they were part of normal text).

The workaround for now is making alias in the links - but that 1) must manually be made every time and 2) wouldnt make ‘same title’ .md notes distinct from their .canvas counterparts

My sugestion is rendering canvas links replacing the .canvas with an icon - and theres already a stabilished icon for it in the ribbon; Small icons after links are much less disruptive and already a common and nearly ubiquitous pattern, usually in the form of a diagonal-right arrow to distinguish external links - but even older, in literature, like alternative numerals as icons to indicate footnotes.

And then theres raw space- any unecessary space saved is welcome in mobile and now also on the canvas when making smaller cards.