Repeated characters aren't aligned vertically

Steps to reproduce

Starting with a blank vault and all defaults, try entering a repeated set of characters, for example:

  • [ ] ====================================== A

The final five “=” signs in the above line are a few pixels higher than the rest.

This also happens with hyphens.

Expected result

All the equals signs should have the same vertical alignment.

Actual result

The final five equals signs are slightly higher than the rest.


Mac OS X version 10.13.6
Obsidian version 0.12.10

Additional information

This is an example of what it looks like, using a new note created in the plain vanilla Help vault:

The panel on the left is in Editor mode, while the panel on the right is in Preview mode. As you can see, the problem occurs in both views.

Interestingly enough, this forum software also exhibits the same bug in its Markdown editor!