Repeat Fullcalendar plugin yearly reccuring events

I would like to repeat events like birthday and holidays yearly in the Full Calendar plugin in Obsidian.

According to these comments and posts I found, it is possible to do, and several solutions have been posted.

Unfortunately, it seems that none of these solutions were written for a layperson in mind. Therefore they seem to skip important steps that are most likely considered ‘obvious,’ but someone without any coding experience simply cannot begin to guess at what they need to do. Frustratingly, these unexplained steps are absolutely crucial for the whole setup to work.

So, my questions are:

  1. Where do you put the code snippets? I don’t think it’s within an event note (e.g. the note that is created when you click on a date and create an event), because I tried that and it didn’t work.
  2. Using rrule, the documentation specifies that you need to download the rrule package. However, how would you do this on Windows 10/11? And when they “import and pass in the plugins to a new calendar,” what file exactly should that script be written in? As far as I can tell, creating a new calendar does not seem to create any new files in Obsidian until you create a new event in that calendar.
  3. In this solution, it looks like they are using a newly made html, css, and .js file. But where do you put these files within Obsidian?

The solutions are right here in front of my eyes, and yet I cannot decipher them. Any help, or a dumbed down step by step explanation for non-technical persons would be much appreciated!

Regarding the placement of snippets/scripts, this might help: CSS snippets - Obsidian Help

The most important bit is:

To add a CSS snippet, follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Under Appearance → CSS snippets, select Open snippets folder (folder icon).
  3. In the snippets folder, create a CSS file that contains your snippet.
  4. In Obsidian, under Appearance → CSS snippets, select Reload snippets (refresh icon) to see the snippet in the list.

Obsidian detects changes to CSS snippets automatically and applies them when you save your snippet. You don’t need to restart Obsidian for changes to take effect.

This is one of those things that I spent a bit struggling over when I started out, is crazy simple in retrospect, and it has opened up a whole world of things since. Some other add-ons use principles similar to this and the Templates directory, where they read scripts or w/e from a given directory that you can generally specify in the add-on configurations.

Hope I understood correctly and that this is helpful.

It seems like the snippets in the solutions are javascript, if I’m not wrong, so I’m unsure if they should also be in the CSS snippets folder. I can’t seem to find an option to direct FullCalendar to any particular folder for scripts either, which makes me think that these files must be placed somewhere in the FullCalendar folders.

I’m at a loss, to be quite honest.

Bumping this up, because I still have not found an answer.