Reorganizing tags

I’ve been building my Zettelkasten over many years, first with The Archive and lately with Obsidian. Over the years, how I tag my notes has turned into a mess. My tag pane is not of any use right now.

With the possibility to use nested tags in Obsidian, I would like to clean things up. But it will be a very time consuming process if I can’t find a smart way to do it.

How could I most easily

  • delete all occurrences of a specific tag?
  • rename all occurrences of a specific tag? (Preferably into a nested tag hierarchy.)
  • turn all occurrences of a specific tag into a wiki link?


As long as bulk renaming is not yet supported by obsidian, you can use vscode for this task. Open your vault folder in vscode and do a global search and replace.

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There is also Tag Wrangler - pjeby/tag-wrangler: Rename, merge, toggle, and search tags from the Obsidian tag pane (

Obviously, keep backups when making big changes.


BBEdit can do mass find/replace. You could also do on command line. One of the big benefits of plain text storage.

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