Reorder Status Bar Items

Hi everyone! I made sure to search through the feature requests and even other sections of the forums for any similar items before deciding to make a post, just FYI. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: First of all, I’d like to thank the community in advance for taking a look at my post, and for any help you may provide. I know there are many feature requests, and probably still many bugs to fix and future features to implement, so I understand how it might be easy to ignore this and other requests. :wink:

Use case or problem

The issue is simple: I used to use an outstanding community plugin called Obsidian Bartender. It never left the beta phase of development, but worked well nonetheless, until Obsidian core made it possible to move the sidebar icons around by dragging them. I’m so glad you finally are able to do that with sidebar icons, and I’m grateful to the developer for the feature, but unfortunately, it only works for the sidebar.

In other words, it’s impossible to reorder the status bar. I tried reinstalling the Bartender plugin as a temporary fix, but experienced some weird behavior after enabling it, no doubt because of the new feature added to Obsidian core sidebar. So I currently have no way to rearrange, hide/unhide or otherwise edit the status bar items, something I’ve found very helpful until now.

Being a software developer for a living, I imagine it wouldn’t be too complicated or difficult to extend the sidebar’s button-dragging capability to the status bar, or else I wouldn’t ask. However, I’m not familiar with the Obsidian API, and frankly don’t have the time to learn it right now. I may be able to in the future, but life is just too busy now, so I was hoping some kind person who does know the internal workings of this awesome program might take the liberty of looking into it and even implement a simple fix if it’s not too complex or tedious to do so.

Current workaround (optional)

As the aforementioned paragraphs stated, I used to use the Obsidian Bartender plugin to accomplish this. It allowed one to drag around icons on both the sidebar and status bar, to disable any you wanted to and even provided a built-in button of its own that, when clicked, appended a “extension” to the bar in question where other less often used icons could be placed to stay out of the way when necessary.

Sadly, it seems to have some major issues when enabled through the BRAT plugin or any other way now.


Anyway, I’m very grateful for any help I can get on this. It’s not an emergency and may even not seem too important. In the future if time permits I’ll try to implement the feature myself after learning the API, but I can’t as yet, so if anyone has any ideas or is able to (quickly) do so without too much trouble it would be greatly appreciated.

I hope everyone is having a great day and thank you once again for your time and effort! :grin:

If Bartender isn’t working anymore, I haven’t heard of another way to currently re-order the status bar items. Commander will let you hide the ones that are there (and add ones), so that’s half way there! :whale:


Yeah, with any luck, soon someone else (possibly but sadly unlikely me) will add the functionality, either the developers in the core app or a plugin developer.

But sincerely from the bottom of my heart, thank you! I will try out Commander; I use it for other stuff—don’t know why I didn’t think of that. It’s very much appreciated! Like you said, it’s at least half-way there. :grin:

Also—idk if I mentioned it in my OP—this is obviously not a life-ending problem worthy of great suffering or lamentation. :wink: I’ll get by without it. I just thought I’d see if anyone else felt like me or liked to rearrange the Status Bar items.

Anyway, tyvm @ariehen. Seriously. I was thinking so hard I didn’t think of a simple “hack” to get me by. :smiley: I owe ya one! :+1:

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