Reorder notes in the starred menu

ability to drag and reorder notes that have been starred when viewing in the starred menu, that won’t effect ordering in the file explorer


This would be very helpful. I’m now using the Starred Menu heavily as a sort of “working files” sidebar, to store the notes that I’d like to soon revisit.

I agree that this would make stars much more useful.

At the moment the order seems to be first starred -> last starred, so the only way to rearrange the is to un-star / re-star a bunch of notes until you get the order that you’re looking for. It’s only a viable choice if you have like 3-5 notes that are starred, and even then it’s timersome.


Starred files list is more important than File Explorer to my workflow. 100% agree. It should be native imo, not a plugin.

will be implemented v0.10

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