Reorder Files and Folders in Obsidian Publish

Use case or problem

In Obsidian publish, like in the obsidian app, the file explorer is organized alphabetically with no way of changing the order. People who come to the site will be confused which sections are more important than others and I cannot put my home page at the top (which drives me a little crazy haha)

Proposed solution

Allow manual reordering of files and folders in the obsidian publish file explorer

Current Workarounds

Currently the only way around this is numbering files and or folders, however because files are always above files there is no way to put a file above a folder or mix those together in any way.

Related feature requests

This post requested it in the obsidian app and in the comments obsidian publish was also mentioned as needing this feature.


I do get your point, personally I use a zettelkasten numbering approach for organizing the order of some notes in my obsidian publish

the part that I’m not sure how it could be addressed is what you said on putting files that are in folders above files in the main folder.

I think you are thinking in terms of how a website sidemenu works, but obsidian publish isn’t a customizable website maker, it’s more of a simple public foder of plaintext file with a cool style.

I say this mostly for some of the limitations to be kept in mind about publish.

however the arbitrary organization of files is interesting, not sure how it’d work, and it probably won’t be completly flexble, butg it’s an interesting idea.

perhaps if there was a way to determine numbers in the front matter of the note

order-number: 1


then obsidian could read tha data to sort it based on those numbers.

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+1 for this request… I’m in the middle of publishing a simple blog project (sociological analyses and commentary) and I understand that Publish is not, can not and will never be a fully fletched website editor but manual reordering should somehow be implemented. :sweat_smile:

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I would also like the ability to set a custom order on the left hand pane in obsidian Publish!