Reopen app in full screen (MacOS)

Steps to reproduce

  1. Quit Obsidian while in full screen mode, with a note open
  2. Open Obsidian

Expected result

Expect obsidian to open in full screen mode (with note open).

Actual result

Obsidian opens in windowed mode (with note open).


  • Operating system: MacOS
  • Obsidian version: 0.11.3

Not sure this is a good idea. Not a bug. Open a feature request.

Maximize should work.

Tha same happens on win.

Well, it’s standard behavior for Apple’s own apps (e.g. Safari, Music, Notes etc.) to re-open in the previous window mode, when “Close windows when quitting an app” is unchecked in the system settings (General tab). Not all apps seem to work this way though (Firefox doesn’t for example).
But I will submit a feature request.