Rendering problems when there are many attachments (even just empty ones!)

Hello, I apologise if not able to give any hint about replicating this bug but it happens randomly without apparent reason.

This time I managed to capture it:

This is my monthly note, as you see I’m on reading view and it’s completely blank (content not rendered). If I switch to edit mode I can see everything like nothing happened, but if I switch back to reading view it’s still blank (not shown in video for privacy reasons). Only fix is close and reopen the tab.

Hope everythings clear.

Anyone experiencing this?

Does it happen in the Sandbox vault?

Other troubleshooting steps are here. It may be a theme or plugin issue.

Yes I have same problem in may Home page. I use page from history for return old page.

It is an Obsidian issue. Other people reported this but since it happen apparently randomly no one bothered to find a solution.

Then you should file a bug report following the bug report template.


I find the issue, it’s caused by attachment, apparently even if the attachment exist or not the problem still persist. That happens on large note with many attachment (again, this happen even if the attachment does not exist, just typing ![[some photo.png]] on a larger enough note and many times enough will generate the bug, look:

If I drop the mouse during resizing on the right spot then everything will disappear (like you see on the video briefly, unfortunaly I was not able to rightly time it).

As you see there are attachaments but there’s nothing they’re pointing to, the problem would happen even if there was indeed the document the link was pointing to.

Here’s the .md file for replicating (i’m on macos, sandbox valult, last version (non catalyst).

File (44.8 KB)

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