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Hi everyone,

I am using Obsidian for academic writing and would like to integrate citations via Zotero.
I have the Citation plugin installed as well as pandoc and the Pandoc Reference List, Enhancing Export and Link Converter plugins. Basically I am following this: Obsidian Tutorial for Academic Writing | by Leonardo Castorina | Better Humans

Inside Obsidian it seems to work. I can add a citation like this [@akperov2021], the link to Zotero is established and if I hover over it, it displays proper literature reference.

But if I export the document as a pdf, the citation does not render. It will just remain [@akperov2021] where what I would like to have is (Akperov, 2021) and at the end of the text

Akperov, Mirseid & Zhang, Wenxin & Miller, Paul & Mokhov, I. & Semenov, V. & Matthes, Heidrun & Smith, Benjamin & Rinke, Annette. (2021). Responses of Arctic cyclones to biogeophysical feedbacks under future warming scenarios in a regional Earth system model. Environmental Research Letters. 16. 10.1088/1748-9326/ac0566.

I feel that I am missing a crucial step here. From the tutorials I have seen this should work.

Thanks in advance, any thoughts are appreciated.

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Hi there, I am the author!

it seemed like there was a small typo in the command for the export command where --citeproc needs to be at the very end. Could you check that it works now?

In the future, please feel free to comment on the article or DM me! I came across this post by accident! Hope this helps and if not, let me know :slight_smile:

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