Rendering citations in reading or live preview views

What I’m trying to do

I do a lot of academic research and writing, and I heavily rely on the citations plugin.

The plugin does most of what I’d like to do, but one thing that reduces the legibility of my markdown documents is that citations are not rendered properly, neither in live preview nor in reading mode. This also affects accessibility, since text-to-speech tools are better at handling a rendered citation, and those sound more meaningful than the citation key.

Ideally, the citations would be rendered the way that pandoc would render them.

Things I have tried

The citations plugin doesn’t officially support rendering. I couldn’t find a plugin that does the basic stuff, but that’s a lot of work. I considered writing my own plugin that uses decorations to do a basic Chicago style rendering, but thought maybe I should consult here first!

I spoke too soon! I found a plugin that does exactly what I needed: GitHub - mgmeyers/obsidian-pandoc-reference-list: Display a formatted reference in Obsidian's sidebar for each pandoc citekey in the active document.

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