Rendering a periodic (weekly, monthly, ...) view from other notes

What I’ve explored

The “Timeline / card view” plugin idea (Timeline / card view - a way to screen, review, and structure the knowledge base across time) idea and this timeline extension (GitHub - George-debug/obsidian-timeline: plugin for creating timelines).

What I’m trying to do

I use Obsidian to take work notes. My work includes many meetings with different people. I use two different note formats. I keep a “weekly note” as a diary of the week’s activities and conversations. I also keep a note for each person I speak with regularly with a heading/section for each conversation we’ve had. (Kind of like an “evergreen” note per person.) Both views are very useful for review. I read the previous week’s notes every Monday when starting a new week. Before a meeting, I review that individual’s note to remind myself of our previous conversations.

Ideally, I’d like a presentation view that inlines the various individual notes into a weekly timeline view. (Or alternately, that pulls from the weekly content into the individual’s note.) I’m curious if anyone has built a similar workflow?

I’ve played with the block references some but haven’t found them useful for my case because the content I’d like to embed is many blocks. In general, I struggle with block references and in making them work for me.

Thank you for any feedback or pointers you might have!