Render webarchive

Would it be possible to render a *.webarchive in Preview mode, similar to how you’d render a PDF file?

I sometimes save websites as *.webarchive for future reference and having them appear in a note would be awesome. It would be a great way of adding context to the file. It’s sometimes better than just embedding the actual page in an iframe because links can break or pages can shut down.

Thanks and keep up the great work!


Well, in the meantime, perhaps having the .webarchive file listed as a file in the folder. I have the “sync all other types” turned on in Sync and still the webarchive files do net get listed.

I would also benefit from the ability to embed .webarchive files.

In my case I either save or export PDFs from web sites when archiving information, but occasionally the page contains animated GIFs or other media that is preserved in a .webarchive file but is lost in the PDF format. In cases like that it is very convenient to just save the page as a .webarchive.

As of 20220216 in Obsidian v. 0.13.19 I see the .webarchive files in my Obsidian File explorer, but clicking on the file opens it in my web browser. I have tried to embed the files with <iframe src="path"></iframe> without success.

If anyone has another method to embed such active web content from Safari in macOS I would appreciate greatly if you could share.

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I just found out that the .webarchive format failed to store media locally and still loads many files from the original source in the web. So this is not a good solution for me as I need the files for off line use.

I’ll save the files manually for now, but if anyone knows a better way please share.

Really? It seems to work fine for me in testing. The entire page displays in Airplane mode.

I would very much like this feature. It would be extremely useful with my Obsidian Clipper Shortcut.