Render Support for bullet points / numbered lists inside table cells

Use case or problem

Currently, lists created with md syntax (1. / - etc) within tables are not rendered like normal md lists. They are just bullets/numbers.

No rendering means no bullet/number auto-adding for the next lines after the first list marker. Plus, this way it is harder to create nested lists. As far as I understand, the only way to do this is to add four spaces manually instead of pressing a tab key like in lists outside the table.

Proposed solution

Make md lists within the table function just like those not within the table.

Current workaround (optional)


Related feature requests (optional)


Note that tables belong to leaf blocks in GFM which means lists are not supported inside tables by default and Obsidian would have to auto convert every md‑blocks inside tables to html in order to implement this feature. Not impossible if that syntax conversion is done on the fly while editing, similar to when pressing shift + enter.

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I’ve not tried this, but would a combination of an embedded document with just the list, and hover editor plugin suit your needs?

New user of Obsidian here. Have been experimenting for two weeks now. Very excited.

But not being able to use all Markdown within tables (lists, list callouts …) is a bummer.

Interesting, but I do not think so.

This would mean that whenever a user wants to create a list they will first need to

  • either create a new document with the list and then embed it
  • or think of a proper name for the new document, type it out and the click to create the new note (all before we actually got to creating the list itself).
    And it will all happen before we actually get to creating the list itself. Seems a bit too complicated for such a simple thing as creating a markdown list.

Plus, I doubt that it is reasonable to have all lists as separate documents. One might want to put everything in one place, e.g., to perform searches only within this one particular file.

Yes please