Render or Otherwise Strip/Clean Markup in "Linked Mentions" View

What I’m trying to do

I would like to see “Linked Mentions” context with the Markdown markup either removed or redndered.

Things I have tried

If there is an options in settings, I’ve missed it. (Perhaps this could be a Feature Request)?

Alternatively, the following a Dataview query gets me the links:

    let pages = dv.pages("[[#]]")
    var items = pages.file.inlinks
                .where(i => !i.path.match("\$"))
                .where(i => i.path != dv.current().path)
                .sort(i => i.path)
        ], => [i])

But would like to add a column with some extra context – i.e., surrounding text etc.

Any ideas how to grab it?

Don’t know if you’re willing to install yet another plugin, but Hover Editor works quite well for this. It displays the rendered markdown and images. You can make quick copies of text or edits. Works in Files, Search, and the new Bookmarks as well.


Thanks for introducing me to Hover Editor. I love it. It’s one of those plugins that gives functionality that I never would have guessed I needed till I tried it! It definitely helps in a number of other places, and it’s very good at its job.

However, I cannot seem to get it to trigger while over a linked mention, like your example shows. I wonder if it’s a setting thing on my end or interference?


I was using Query Control for rendering markdown in Backlinks, Search, etc, but using it with Search isn’t working with Obsidian v.1.2+, so I’ve been using Hover Editor everywhere the past few days. It really is great.

As Hover Editor takes over Settings > Core plugins > Page preview, you might have to play around with both of their settings. My main vault is set to only trigger Page Preview/Hover Editor with hovering and pressing cmd (mac).

Page Preview settings:

Hover Editor settings:

Hope you get it working!

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Ah, did not realize I had to enable the hovers in the Page settings separately from the plugin settings.

Thank you again :slight_smile:

But you know what the Obsidian Query Control plugin (thank you yet AGAIN!) adds a “Render Markdown” to the backlinks panel, which works wonderfully to do exactly what I want, including rendering LaTeX :slight_smile:

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Yeah, Query Control is tops - it should be native, but as I mentioned is broken in Search (for now).

Here’s the feature request for markdown rendering. Give it a :purple_heart:


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