Render markdown as table format (CSV)

Hi all!

Actually I use a lot the Quickadd plugin to register (capture) things in the same note in the next format:

Date; Hour; Element1; Element2; Element3

  • 2022/03/01; 16:01; Test2.1; Test2.2; Test2.3
  • 2022/03/01; 16:00; Test1.1; Test1.2; Test1.3

I’m interested of work with markdown notes (with CSV format) in a “table view” (like Notion, an example below)

This idea will increase the compatibility between files (avoiding errors), simplify the codding (I think), not going to modify the main content of the note with weird codes, keep the view clean and you can going to export the markdown note as CSV file easily (skipping the YAML).

Here some reference/concept images:

Finally, I already review all the available plugins related to CSV (Obsidian CSV Table and CSV Obsidian). Both work with CSV files, but no one with markdown with csv format.

Maybe this is too much of a weird code, but will either plugin work with a CSV embedded in Markdown?

## Sales CRM


Part of the idea is, if you want to add “context” to the table or embed it in another note, you will be able to insert the markdown note with csv format in another note with ![[Embeds]]

In my opinion, working with markdown files with csv format simplifies the plugin development, avoiding format or encoding errors.

Anyway, you already have plugins to open csv files in Obsidian.

Hi all! (Idea Update 1.1)

I used the Kanban plugin. The way its rendered and configured its great!

Here some reference images:

The idea, is to use a kind of:

%%csv_tableview:Settings {"csv_tableview":"configuration"; ...} %%

to add some settings to the table in the past reference/concept

I hope there are people interested!

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