Render HTML Entities in Live Preview

Use case or problem

HTML Entities are very useful for inserting symbols, for example I frequently use them to insert arrows (→, ⇄) or greek letters (α, γ, θ) into my notes.
They are rendered in “Reading View”, but not in “Editing View” with Live Preview mode, which is a shame.

Proposed solution

HTML Entities should be rendered in “Editing View” with Live Preview.


I’m not sure whether   is considered an HTML entity, but it’s certainly something HTML-y that does get rendered in reading mode but not in live preview. It’s also something that I use regularly, so this would be an appreciated feature.

I made a plugin that automatically replaces HTML entities with their actual characters. It’s not quite the same as rendering them in the live preview but maybe it could work anyway.


Sweet, I’ll give it a go!

Works perfectly, thanks!

For anyone who isn’t already aware, on Windows you can press Win + . (Windows key plus period), and it will open a nice character picker for those advanced symbols, along with emoji and some other useful stuff:

You can do the same thing on a Chromebook and I’m sure there’s a similar command on Mac.

On the Mac the sequence is to click Edit->Emoji & Symbols and then select the character you are looking for.

I would also heavily support the implementation of this feature. It doesn’t look very good (especially in comparison to other Markdown-editors) seeing things like Go to A → B.
The proposed solutions (plugins to replace an html-entity with its symbol counterpart or directly inserting the wanted symbol) is not the same. I want my Markdown-documents to be usable and the same on each application, so the html-entity should stay as is. Just the rendering should include it as well.