Render format in link preview

Use case or problem

This post has pointed out what I propose in the feature request. It was marked as a bug, which is not a bug, it’s just something Obsidian does not support. The moderator WhiteNoise said it is not supported.

The thing I would like is when you have an internal note that links to a header or an alias, the markdown render is applied. [[note|name]] would render name in live preview / read mode. Same for [[note#header]] would render header.

In my case, which is a bit specific, it would be very helpful. I often use Obsidian to make notes about source code. Some code bases have good documentation and other do not. Plus, let’s let aside the quality / complexity of the code base, those notes are very meaningful and useful as quick side notes “How to do this”, “A quick summary how I used this 1,000 lines module in a project” etc…
The result is that I name my file (for a Python code) for example. Often, there is only one class in the module: MyClass. So I add an alias MyClass which I can refer in other note. Then I would like to directly link the alias. Another use case is when I have my note, it might have multiple important classes. So I have header level 2 for each class. This is the same problem, if I link [[]], I do not have the Markdown render.

Proposed solution

Enable markdown rendering for internal link if there is a header or an alias with markup format symbols (stars, back tick …)

[[note|name]] would render name in live preview / read mode. Same for [[note#header]] would render header.

Current workaround (optional)

I tried to do [[note|MyClass]], it does not work. The internal link is not even detected.

Related feature requests (optional)

I have seen some feature request like this, which is about markdown rendering too but I do not think it’s related. I really tried to search for similar post and I did not find it. Plus I could not find link pointing to the bug post. I hope I did not make a duplicate.