Renaming tags with underscores doesn't work

Steps to reproduce

  1. Have a few notes that have a tag that’s one word like #Social
  2. Replace all those tags with a multiword one like #Social_Anxiety (I used BBEdit for replacing in multiple files at one go)

Expected result

  • I expected that the tag list in Obsidian will update to showing the new multiword tag: #Social_Anxiety

Actual result

The tag list still retains the entry to #Social and there’s none for #Social_Anxiety. Clicking on #Social does bring up all notes with #Social_Anxiety so it works but might also match anything else like #Social_Media. Switching the tag pane off/on and restarting Obsidian didn’t change anything.

Attempt to fix

I removed all notes with the tag from the vault and the tag disappeared from the list in Obsidian. I thought adding them all back would regenerate the tag and perhaps have the new one this time but it still generated #Social only.

I think it’s specifically related to inconsistent parsing of underscores. If you change #Social to #SocialAnxiety it works. Dashes also work.

Do you mind editing the title to be a bit more clear? Thanks!


Yes you’re right! I tried with dashes and it works. Is there documentation of which special characters are supported in tags and will underscores be supported in the future? Asking so that I can accordingly have a system of tags for the long-term. Thanks.

Also, updated the title.

If you want to separate words, either wise camel case or dash/underscore.

@mediapathic: can we document this somewhere? In a place related to tags/tag pane perhaps.

Will do boss.

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Will be fixed in 0.8.2. Thanks again for catching this!