Renaming note by clicking Tab, as previously renaming a note by clicking title?

Things I have tried

Clicking the tab, searching online, searching settings.

What I’m trying to do

I’d like to be able to rename a note by clicking the tab, as it was previously easier to click the note title to rename a file name than having to right click and navigate the context menu.

There is this thread here, Unable to rename a tab by clicking the vertical title, though it seems to have been deleted. Don’t know if they figured it out themselves?

Am I missing something?

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Not sure if that’s possible, right now.
An alternative would be to switch on the setting Appearance → Advanced → Show Tab title bar. It’s rather non-obtrusive.

Or if it’s clicking and foraging through the context menus that is inconvenient, you can just use the rename file hotkey (F2 by default), assuming you are on PC.

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The title bar things is perfect, thanks!

FYI you can also rename via the note menu (the 3 dots at upper right) or command palette.


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