Renaming Files (v0.16.2 insider build)

I did not want to post this in bugs just yet as it might be a human issue rather than a bug, but it seems as if switching to the latest insider build has made it nearly impossible to rename files (outside of using the command palette and renaming).

Things I have tried

Renaming the file in the tab. Using sliding panes and clicking on the title in the vertical bar.

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to rename the file by clicking on its name either in the tab title or (if using sliding panes) where the file name shows up.

Can you please describe what happens when you try? Are you unable to click in the text field? Or is it changing the name back after you change it? (Potentially a cloud issue?)

Just to clarify, are you using the Sliding Panes plugin, or the new built-in “Stack tabs” feature?

In the built-in “Stack tabs”, I still see a title pane at the top. And you can turn on the title in the note too. Changing either of those works for me.

I’ve never used the Sliding Panes plugin. (Or is it a theme? I’ve never used it.) You might have to update it, or there may be bugs in the latest version that will need to be fixed.

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If you’re using the the Sliding Panes plugin (or theme, I haven’t used it either), it’s not yet compatible with the latest Insider build (I don’t know the details).


Thanks…you are 100% right. Looks like the new build actually has sliding panes built into it :exploding_head:

Not sure if this fits your workflow. I’m assuming u disabled Editor > “Show inline title”. But if you have that enabled, you can rename the file name by clicking on the inline title

That’s actually what I’ve done, but I had to disable the banners plugin as the banner covers the inline title (which is fine…it’s extra visual that I don’t really need).

It would be great to allow editing of the file name directly in the tab.

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