Renaming file does not update reference from within other notes' properties

What I’m trying to do

Have file:

  • File1
  • File2

in File2, I have a property From(text): [[File1]]

Now I’m trying to rename File1 to NewFile1

Expected Outcome

All instances of internal links to File1 will be renamed to NewFile1

Actual Outcome

References from within properties does not change, therefore I’m having dead link to File1 inside File2

I’m understanding this may be related to this behavior referenced below, but now that Obsidian has made metadata directly accessible to users maybe can you consider modify this behavior?
Thank you!

If you switch to Source Mode, do you see From(text): [[File1]] or From(text): "[[File1]]"? Links need to be quoted. This should happen automatically when you add it thru the property editor, but if you’ve added it via template or something then you have to make sure to quote. Properties - Obsidian Help

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