Rename files using YAML specific key?


I see there is a plugin to sync filename and Title in note. but can I rename a filename using YAML key?

For example I have a template for Excalidraw with have an specific YAML key named as ID which have some number as value:

id: 1000
tag: sample
status: done

The default filename of Excalidraw file is something like Drawing [with date and time]. It’s possible change this default filename after entering a value for ID key? because there is not any Title in this file just a YAML area and my drawing.


You should be able to insert a template (via Templater) and then let that rename the for you according to the id based on the frontmatter.

Not sure if this can (or should) be dibe automatically. But assigning a template to a hotkey should be reasonably effective.

Check this out, it might be of use GitHub - aidan-gibson/obsidian-filename-yaml-sync

Thank you,
I will checking out the documentation for more details about the file module tp.file in Templater.


Thank you, it does exactly what I want but it seems not released yet!? or I’m wrong
I also check the Github releases page but found nothing.


Ha, i hadn’t noticed it was not released. There is this one too, though it doesn’t fully modify the note title but it does keep them in sync GitHub - snezhig/obsidian-front-matter-title: Plugin for

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