Rename command for in Obsidian imported screenshots/files not found on the command list for assigning a shortcut

What I’m trying to do

use case
I incert screenshots in my Obsidian text file. The name of the screenshot files have names like: “Bildschirmfoto vom 2024-02-27 21-02-24”. This is not so handy when looking for specific screenshot files later on. Therefore I rename the screenshot files. This is easy to do with right click on the file name and choose the command ‘rename’/‘umbenennen’. Because the context menu ‘jumps’ a little bit when you enter it, it takes a little concentration to find the command in the context menu. Because of this, I thought it might be a good idea to assign a short to “umbenennen”/‘rename’ but I could not find the command in the command list.

Is there a command and where can I find it?

Things I have tried

You can also click on the three dots in the upper right hand corner if you are on desktop:

  • Rename can be accessed from there.

You can also use the Paste Image Rename or Image Converter external plugins to automatize renames based on markdown filename you are pasting into.

  • I like the latter plugin better because I like 50kb screenshots in jpeg format rather than 500-2000kb size png’s.
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I hope you’re not suggesting to rename the images from the system file explorer, and loose the connection to the image from within Obsidian? That would be terrible advice, so please explain your train of thought here on how to rename images without loosing the linked images.

We’re still in Obsidian. That is not my Linux explorer, buddy. (You should try it.)

  • Oh you mean ‘System Explorer’ being active there. I’ve just seen it.
    Okay. Well, I specified Rename command, so hopefully nobody seeing this would head out to the OS explorer to rename stuff…

I would assume people would normally have this

turned on. I think Obsidian comes with this setting as default ON too.

But the plugins mentioned take the burden of having to do tedious work renaming stuff.

I can’t see how you’ll get to select the three dots menu when seeing an image, but even then if they do get to see that image in Obsidian’s file explorer, how is that different from their starting point where right clicking was an issue to do the rename?!

I did not focus on that part of the issue. My eyes were focused on jumping (because I sort of remembered something like this on iPad maybe, where the keyboard pop-up gets in the way or something) and as I was writing I couldn’t wait to just offer the external plugin solution, so indeed I wavered.

But touche for you to be so aware at this hour.

Mea maxima culpa – that’ll teach me to come back here to put in something

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